night showers

Hotels - Night Showers




Released: September 09, 2016

Blake Madden: Bass, Vocals
Max Wood: Drums, Percussion
Gregg Belisle-Chi: Guitar
Alina To: Violin
Maria Scherer Wilson: Cello
Jacques Willis: Vibraphone
Ray Larsen: Trumpet
Irene Barber: Vocals on "Green Apples" and "Tony Leung"
Taryn Rene Dorsey, Selena Whitaker-Paquiet, and Nicole "Coco" Peoples: Vocals on "Linnette"
Adra Boo: Vocals on "Wildwood"

All songs written by Blake Madden

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Erik Blood at Chemical X Studios and Black Space Labs

Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios

Artwork by Stuart Medley